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Rock your QR code game with our open-source, privacy-focused solution. No frills, no fuss - just pure, unadulterated dynamic QR code power at a price that'll have you headbanging with glee.

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Turn it up to 11 with RoQR's dynamic QR codes. Gather feedback from your key customers, promote your brand, advertise your events and discounts and track user engagement - RoQR let's you do it all

Dynamic QR codes

QR codes that update on your schedule, allowing you to route users exactly as you see fit.

Scan log

A complete log so you know who scanned your QR codes when.


A modern API that lets you generate and manage links on the fly.

Data export

Export your data for further analysis and insights.

Password-protected links

Protect your links with passwords to keep your data secure.

Styles and templates

Make your QR codes your own through various styles, colors and saveable templates.


You respect your customers' right to privacy. We do too.

RoQR provides powerful analytics and marketing tools without exposing your customers to tracking pixels or intrusive trackers. No personal identifiable information of your customers is stored on our servers, which means less work on data-privacy compliance for you.

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